Car accidents in the state of California are very common. For that reason, we share with you some details that you need to know about the local laws of the state. The main thing is that after the accident, the people involved should worry about their health and check for injuries. Then, the accident must be reported in order to proceed legally.

Here are some of the legal aspects of preparing a car accident report in California. In addition, we will include information on how to file a car accident report.

# 1 When to report the accident? If the accident occurred in the state of California, you must report it to the DMV. Especially if there was property damage over $1,000, if someone was injured (no matter how minor), or if someone died.

# 2 How to file a car accident report in California? To file a California Car Accident Report with the DMV, you, your insurance agent, or your legal representative must complete the California Car Accident Report (Form SR-1).

To complete the SR-1 form, you will need to collect the following information:

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