Accidents and injuries are the leading causes of death in the country. Nationwide, up to 400,000 personal injury compensation claims are filed each year. Today we share with you a list of the 6 most common personal injuries in the state of California.

# 1 Car accidents: These types of accidents can cause severe injuries or, in some cases, be fatal. The state of California has a particular protocol for claiming these cases because, in some situations, the fault of the accident does not lie solely with one person.

# 2 Slip and Fall: These incidents can occur due to dangerous conditions in a public place or on someone else’s property. Some causes of these accidents are slippery floors, dimly lit rooms, cracks in the sidewalk, and other unsafe conditions.

# 3 Animal Attacks and Dog Bite Injuries: The state of California protects people from animal attacks.

# 4 Medical malpractice:Medical malpractice is a special type of personal injury case whose law varies by state. These claims are brought against doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, even hospitals, when their negligence leads to an injury or even the patient’s death.

#5 Defective Products:A defective product or one with improper instructions can cause serious injury and consequences. In this case, the victim can generate a compensation claim directly against the company that manufactured the defective products.

# 6 Facility Responsibility: A building owner or owners owe visitors a certain level of guaranteed security. If a building has some danger and a person is injured, this can generate a claim for the damages suffered.

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