According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department, racial profiling is the misguided use of race or ethnicity as criteria for stops, searches, inspections, and other law enforcement activities, based on the mistaken assumption that a person of one race or ethnicity is more likely to of committing a crime than a person of another race or ethnic group.

An example of these acts of Racial Profiling is demonstrated by an article published two years ago by “The Gradian Labs” news outlet, which was titled: “Black people in California are stopped much more frequently by the police, a major study proves. ” This study was conducted in 2018, and the results were as follows:

– 28% of drivers stopped by the LAPD were black. Blacks make up only 9% of the Los Angeles population.

– 26% of drivers stopped by the SFPD were black. Blacks make up 5% of the population of San Francisco.

– 19% of drivers stopped by SDPD were black. Only 6% of the population of San Diego is black.

This study even included that in San Diego, Black people were 25% more likely to be searched, 8% more likely to be arrested without a warrant, and 59% more likely to have force used against them during an arrest.

Indeed, even today, people of color face discrimination and are at risk of being stopped, questioned, and frisked without valid grounds, based on biases about their race, ethnicity, and religious practices.

To defend the rights of those who need it most, at the Law Office of Gustavo Magaña, we attend to racial profiling claims with the utmost care. We are confident that we can provide important support to help end racial discrimination by working together.

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